Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 4 L's Life, Love, Lost and Lessons.

it kills me to know you do not care,
it kills me to face true air,
it shakes me to realize life is not fair,
but i can turn all of these around only if i dare.

Life is to short to think what if ,
life is to precious take it as a gift,
no matter what road you take there will always be a swift,
but never look back and say i should have made that shift.

Learn from your mistake,
even if it is as painful as being bitten by a snake,
for this would make you learn and be more awake,
and appreciate life for your own sake.

Never give up on what you believe in ,
sometimes it may be hard but dont waste it on a sin ,
dont throw your values into a bin
because at the end of day it is YOU and only you who will win .

I know what you are thinking,
without even looking back and blinking,
you know that my heart is sinking,
but you have moved on and loving life without regretting.

you said you wanted change,
without knowing what you had to rearrange ,
i thought everything was good until you became very strange,
then i lost you in a sudden out range .

you said you did not love me enough to stay,
you said it would be hard when you had to go away,
but everything changed when this girl came along and said hey,
i hope karma hits you hard i pray .

I sat and thought for weeks ,
Thinking to myself how can i be so weak,
I crawled and cried and shriek ,
Then i found out something and realize oh my god you freak! .

its only now been two weeks since you packed and went on your trip ,
with me being alone with restless nights and no sleep,
leaving me so cold on a winters day to weep ,
then i see you are both now publicly in a relationship .

Maybe you and i weren’t meant to be,
But you still decided to stay on with me,
Because you had no reason yet to flea ,
I don’t want to believe this but yet i may have to agree.

I still walk with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart,
Knowing that the memories are hard to depart,
but life is complicated its subjective its beautiful it’s just like art ,
so I think it’s time for a new start .

~ Adele Melissa Vincent ~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

one of the best interpretations of songs i have ever heard .

these guys do a great job with remakes . take a look

i think its better then the original :)

this one too :)

the singer is not bad .

definitly better than the original .

i like their version and the original

neyo is cool they did it well too .

this one had a different touch to both artist and i liked them both

and i saved the best for last ..



i never

i never miss what i never had until i had you .

i never loved someone neither a friend nor family until you .

i never had qi run down my spine until i knew how if felt to kiss you.

i never knew what was it to cry till i run dry until you left me.

i never knew how it felt when i told a friend " leave him his not worth it" and all she did was when back to him, until i ran back to you .

i never knew what was the meaning of guys dont give a shit until i the day i said " is this it " and all you said "aahh it was just 4 months it was nothing"


i never knew the meaning of dignity until the day i dare to say no to what i did not believe in

i never knew the meaning of strength until i could sleep in my bed without crying for you tonight.

i never the meaning of bullshit tears until the day you cried and said you love me but left me a month after that.

i never knew pain until told me i love girls with straight blonde hair and blue eyes , and i had curly black hair and brown eyes.

i never knew the meaning of stupidity until the day i thought you were the best thing that ever happen to me

i never knew the meaning of being taken care off until you took me in and cared for me .


i will never know the meaning of love because you never loved me .


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The legendary Michael Jackson ( 1958 - 2009 )

In loving memory of my King Of Dance And PoP Michael Jackson ( 1958 - 2009 )

words of Michael :

"Think about the generations and to make it a better place for a children and a childrens , children . so that they know its a better world for them. Thinking they can make it a better place."

since i heard the news i could not stop but cry . Michael Jackson to me and many others was and still is known as the king of pop and to me the king of dance . Those white gloves , that shoes , and that moon walk ! boy !! i loved him . i never felt ashamed when it came to doing the dance of Michael Jackson in public even being a girl . ( i know another friend of mine mel who does it super well too and we proud of it ) the legendary king of pop was nothing but the meaning of talented .

Despite the things people said about him , only he knew the truth and people like us who knew he was innocent because there was no prove . it was so easy to pay a kid and tell him what to say . even if he did it , who are we to judge . Michael was only human if he made mistakes who were we to condemn , did not we make our own set of mistakes .. What about the things he did for the world like breaking the barrier of black and white on TV he shows that music did not have a colour but only unity . Before Obama , or Oprah . Michael spread the truth through music . what about the life he gave children the childhood he never had. he did good but people twisted it and made it theirs. At such a young age he was on stage

Usher once said . i don't believe in the media till they Prove his innocents. were are people like that on earth . But i have come to realise as said NMSNBC Michael once said he was treated unfairly in the music industry BUT today we see millions mourning his death. for instance me , the first sms of the day was from jasmine a good friend of mine telling me MJ has passed on . i could not believe it as i was looking forward to his London come back tour .

God truly loved his more that we did and took him from us for peace in Michael cause i think he has don't alot here on earth . Angels come in many forms and Michael was one of them . the world can say whatever they want but i know what Michael did for us . HE changed the perception of people . he thought us to accept people who are different .

A word from Sharpton on MSNBC " Michael Jackson made culture ACCEPT a person of colour way before tiger woods , Oprah and Obama . Michael did in music like they did in sports , politics and tv . and no controversy will erase the historic impact. He learn how to sing and dance . pass unfair criticism . he learn how to create even beyond his own shortcomings . he knew how to build his strength , how to help the world . WE are the world would not have happen without Michael Jackson ( talking on behalf of the black people ) from we are the world came live 8 and other organizations. he was a historic figure that people will measure the music and industry by . He sold more single products than any other artist and no one can drag him down for that . i remember he once said to me , can you believe they are showing on tV the cell they want to put me in . I said they did not crown you the king and they cant take the crown off your head"

Michale will always live forever because as legend he leave his legacy . A legacy we all can live by . for the young people out there . Just remember the reason you see people like Usher , Akon and many others on MTV is thanks to Michael Jackson . When you see live 8 and RED remember it was Michael Jackson who started it . Whenever you see people donating they toys , food and cloths to children who cant afford it remember it was Michael Jackson who started it . Whenever you see someone do the moon walk . Remember it was Michael Jackson who started it . The best of all when you hear someone scream ( the famous MJ scream hee hee ) Remember it was Michael Jackson . And to dances of all kinds out there remember The king of dance himself Michael Jackson .

Michael may you Rest in Peace and may the world now learn of the person you always were and the person you always will be :)

love you Michael Jackson for you will always remain in my heart and i for the love of music and dance will educate my children of your music and dance and goodness you have done for the world. may you live on in out hearts , and our soul .

Michael where ever you are please know that :

You thought me that music has no COLOUR . You thought me dance has no boundaries . You thought me that fashion made me , ME . You thought me to have a heart for children despite of condititions . You thought me to CRY for the pain you knew the world is going through. You thought me to LOVE a complete stranger and CRY the moment i find out you are no more here on earth . You thought me to feel the pain of a song.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy birthday SD ( my salsa insturctor )

Hey SD ,
i just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday . I know i am no Tech savvy person but i just did a very simple slide show together with one of my Fav bachata song LOL i hope you like it. I have nothing much to say axcept i have no regrets learning salsa from the best :) i know i am not your best student LOL but hey i try la my best hahahaha i am sure going to miss you when i go to australia . Where am i going to get an Aussie SD .. i cant ... cause there's only 1 :) I hope this day brings you lots of joy , and love. Enjoy it cause its yours . Chill .. 30 is just a number , think of it this way .... Age is like Wine .. the older the better ;) and some say " Old is GOLD" hahaha now thats too much ...R.I would always be my family no matter where i go . The friendship and bond i have with you all have made me

~ Adele Melissa Vincent ~

Once Again Happy Birthday :) Muaxx

Sunday, June 7, 2009

....Like a RoSe......

Like A Rose

And as i look into your eyes
i see an angel in disguise
sent from God above
for me to love
to hold and idolise

And as i hold your body near
i'll see this month throught to a year
and then forever on
till life is gone
i'll keep your loving near

And now i've finally found my way
to lead me down this lonely road
All i have to do
is follow you
to lighten off my load

you treat me like a rose
you give me room to grow
you shone the light of love on me
you gave me air so i can breath
you open doors i close
in a world where anything goes
you give me strength so i stand tall
just like a rose

And when i feel like hope is gone
you give me strength to carry on
each time i look at you
theres something new
to keep out loving strong.

i hear you whisper in my ear
all of the words i long to hear
and how you'll always be
here next to me
to wipe away my tears

and now i've finally found my way
to lead me down this lonely road
all i have to do
is follow you
to lighten off my load

Like a RoSe


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

We all know what the movie was about. Lets take a stroll down memory lane . The famous Willy Wonker chocolates :) oh how they craved for it. 5 Lucky kids were given the chance to visit Willy Wonkers famous factory. based on the movie as i can remember Willy Wonker sold his chocolates to every end of the world. Ever realised something ? the 5 lucky kids were of the roughly the same "type" of people . Lets not get into details but something to thought. LOL

As far as i am concern , geographically speaking , the end of the world reached Africa , Asia , south America , Europe , and even Antarctica . oh well i guess this children were really really lucky because on the other hand , Willy Wonker just randomly slipped the 5 golden tickets without knowing where it went . how does this apply to us ?

Well think for a minute, we always blame people for being racist and not accepting one another . On the other hand have we ever thought it was just the way it is. We never asked for it , we never thought about it but it was just " fed" to us of a known fact ? Just like Willy Wonker Sending his famous chocolates out to the world and the 5 lucky winners just happened to be these 5 lucky kids ..

all In All for the Golden Ticket :)

a Scene of Willy Wonker showing his guest around the factory.

the first Lucky kid was mike . How similar is Mike as a kid to kids today in the real world. He's on his play station 24/7 , he hardly went out of the house. He used bad language, language he learn from the Tv games and never socialised . On the other hand, he was a very smart boy who knew about telekinesis and what it could do to make the world a better place :) now how is that similar to kids these days ? think about it. Yes Kids do not go out anymore, neither do they climb trees and ride bicycles like us anymore. But have they become smarter , more outspoken, more inquisitive then the kids before ? Think about it ...

Then we have Charlie the " sweetheart" of man kind, i would say . In the movie Charlie belonged to a family who barely met ends meat. They had Cabbage soup everyday for their meals, his dad got retrangged from work because of technology. When Charlie won the ticket, people around him were prepared to pay 500 for it. Charlie thought of giving it up for a moment to give his family a better life. He thought " we needed the money more than chocolates" Charlie only got one chocolate every year and that was on his birthday and when he got he decided to share with with everyone .A kid with a heart of Gold :) At the end he was the one that was not roughten to carry on the legend of Willy Wonkers's chocolate factory. Now we all know that. How similar is Charlie to a kid today. We have all heard of how some children have to quit school to help their family put bread and butter on the table daily. We have heard of how some kids are lucky enough to even have a decent meal without having to dig through any garbage bin . think about it ..........................................

On the other hand we have .. the rich girl who wants ponies for her birthdays . Just like the movie. Her dad Bought All the chocolate he could get his hands on just to give his daughter the golden ticket. She would wine and haul to the moon if she did not get what she wanted. Look, sometimes it takes hard work for someone to get what they want. Some just snap their fingers or in this case stomp their feet and they have what they want all laid down right in front of them. Life is unfair ? life is not just ? Well similar to the world we live in now is it ? The rich get richer , the poor get poorer. But in the end .. no amount of money can buy happiness now can it ??

back to the movie .... Oh how my imagination ran wild when watching the movie. i wonder are all chocolate factories like that ? LOL i think i would love to see the chocolate fountain for real haha

ah yes ... the fat kid . who ATE all the chocolate he could till he got the golden ticket. He just loved chocolates and food for that matter. He ate his way to the golden ticket. Greedy as a pig LOL. how is that similar to us ?? Does the word obesity hit your skull ? Willy Wonker had a factory full of chocolate and candy. it was everywhere and anywhere even to the very land you step on. someone went berserk till he got " sucked" up the chocolate fountain vacum LOL. Greediness lends you no where for the matter ...

and presenting Willy Wonker himself. As a boy Willy Wonker was the son of a famous dentist. Every year at Halloween he was allowed to go out trick or treat but come back getting his candies all burn up because they were "cavities on a stick" how his father had deprived his of his childhood . When he finally got the taste of chocolate one day he loved it so much he ran away from his father Indeed he because successful and all rounded . He had what he wanted But lost what everyone ever treasured .... family ... Now you dont need me to tell you how familiar is that to the real world no do we ? .......... give it a thought for a moment ...

Last but not least violet. The girl who always win. the girl who never quits and the girl who had her mother on her backside telling her . you need this , you need to win , you need to be number one, do whatever it takes . outbid them . A scene in the movie showed how violet immediately hugger Willy Wonker with her mum smiling in the back and telling him " oh she is always a winner" But at the end we all know what happen to violet .. she became .. violet. She possessed a new talent of being flexible but her mother only had one thing to say and one thing in mind " look mum i am flexible ... , yeah but you're blue " " you did not win " Some of feel that no matter how much good we have in us could never live up to the best in our mums eye. I for one am lucky that my parents never once denied what i wanted or what i am good at. but still only to a certain point , after that they is still disagreements and yelling over trying to keep an understanding between us........ ring a bell ??

See what i mean by somehow movies does play a role in representing what we live in today. Yes we may not have all the bad traits of what i mention but i am sure you can say YES to at least one of them .. can you ??